lundi 13 mars 2017

Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found - Keyframe Concept Art

Here are the 4 keyframes I did for the Artstation "Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found" challenge. I tried to focus on storytelling.
The storyline is based on the hollow earth theory (alike "Journey to the centre of the Earth").
A group of private explorers (a mix of scientists and mercenaries) finds a way in (a remote cave in Iceland) and explores an uncharted vast jungle. They encounter members of a matriarchal society, sharing some similarities with the aztecs.
Description of the four keyframes
01 : Encounter (first contact in the deep jungle)
02 : Meet the queen (the explorers meet the queen, a 11 years old girl surrounded by her devoted people)
03 : Surgery (the queen suffers a major wound, the doctor of the team decides to try an emergency surgery despite the refusal of the priests)
04 : Retaliation (the queen is dead, the main priestess decides to sacrifice all the team, in an act of purification.

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